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What to do on the island of Giglio

The island of Giglio is a small island that in just 21 kilometers of extension offers art, culture, entertainment and a dream nature. It is located in front of Monte Argentario, surrounded by the small island of Montecristo, that of Pianosa and the Elba that stands out imposingly on the horizon. Protected by an ancient castle, guided by wild and unspoiled nature.

It is surrounded by a sea of a thousand shades of turquoise and emerald green. It is a place that, like all islands, has something special, where nature welcomes you and embraces you in all its regenerative power.

If you visit Giglio on a day trip you will probably spend most of your time in this pretty harbor town. There is a small piece of sandy beach, called Scalettino, to the right of the harbor; from there you can also continue walking to a rocky beach, where the rocks are large and flat enough to spread out a towel. The port is the realm of souvenirs, including beautiful ceramics and handcrafted jewelry. There are also many outdoor bars if you want to take a coffee break or a glass of wine before leaving.

It can be reached from an uphill road by taxi or bus; if you are daring walkers they are about 3 kilometers from the port. Giglio Castello is a fortified medieval fortress on the highest point of the island. From its walls there are sweeping views of the turquoise of the Tyrrhenian Sea and a Baroque-style church with some important religious icons, including a carved ivory crucifix. It is nice to walk through its narrow stone streets, but you will not find many shops or bars, the village is quiet and almost uninhabited.

The most touristic and trendy side of the island. Located on the western side of the island about 5 kilometers from Giglio Porto, Giglio Campese has the largest sandy beach on the island, which sits on a sheltered bay. The beach is lined with bars and restaurants. There are establishments and private beaches with deck chairs and umbrellas for hire and various free beaches. Symbol of the splendid bay is a monolithic rock, the Faraglione, which emerges for 20 meters on the left side of the bay and the medieval fortified tower Torre del Campese on the other. To the west, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

The whole island is suitable, for the type of diving, for patents of different levels, because for each dive (including some shoals) the starting depth is always minimal and comfortable.

For scuba diving enthusiasts the island is a paradise, full of marine life and shipwrecks in the open sea. Most of the diving shops are located in Giglio Porto. If you have your own snorkeling gear, you can dive almost anywhere, if the water is calm you will soon find yourself swimming surrounded by sole and moray eels.

You can also indulge yourself in the observation of wild birds, on the island there are various species of birds from small to large sizes, sparrows, gulls, birds of prey, up to nocturnal ones, the terrible predators.

There are trails all over the island that take you to the darkest and wildest parts, where the only passers-by could be a herd of goats (in fact the word Giglio derives from the Latinized Greek Aegilion: goat), ranging from fairly easy walks to trekking. moderate difficulty.

Located in the southern tip of the island, the red and white lighthouse rests on the highest rock of the facade facing the sea. This corner of paradise can be reached from Giglio Castello by driving along a panoramic road heading south by car or scooter. At the end of the road begins the dirt path that leads to the southernmost point of the island, the Punta del Capel Rosso. The path gradually descends into the typical Mediterranean scrub, it takes about an hour and there are no shaded areas. When you arrive you will be in one of the most isolated and suggestive points of the Giglio Island.

The island of Giglio is not just sea, beautiful beaches and sea beds to explore. A visit to the north-western area, the promontory of Franco, where you can take a leap into the mining past, guardian of many stories of farmers and fishermen.

Hotel Bahamas location and map

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The Bahamas Hotel is located 150 meters from the ferry landing in the center of the picturesque harbor and at the same time in a quiet and panoramic position.

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